Who We Are



Station 26 

is a Lifeguard Station located on the beach in Santa Monica, California. 

It’s a day spent with fellow misfits in the unwavering sun. 

A leap into cold water, letting the salt waves heal your wounds. 

A safe haven with unorthodox undercurrents that shake up habitual ways of swimming to the surface.  

This is the kind of space we hope to create for our artist and audiences alike.

Our goal as a collective is to develop and produce fictional narratives that revolve around identity in early adulthood. Our personas are ever-evolving, sure — but we think there’s a moment (or many) during the transition from adolescence to adulthood where most of us make a decision, conscious or unconscious, to put ourselves in a box.

Through the work we develop, we hope to put a magnifying glass on these moments — and ask ourselves and our audience: what’s so great about that box, and what would it be like if we stepped out of it?