Station 26 

is a Lifeguard Station located on the beach in Santa Monica, California.  More importantly, for the team at Station26 productions, it's an experience.  

A day spent with fellow misfits in the unwavering sun. 

A leap into cold water, letting the salt waves heal your wounds. 

A safe haven with unorthodox undercurrents that shake up habitual ways of swimming to the surface.  

This is the kind of independent theater and film we aim to create, develop and support for an accessible price -- otherwise, we figure you'd just skip it and head to the beach.     





Searching for the None, a short film by Andy Do directed by Jean Louis Droulers,, shooting in Spring 2018

The Lady from Long Island City, a short film by Donaldo Prescod, directed by Kristan Seemel, shooting in Spring 2018

Release of the music video Chili Pepper Water by Tiff O, directed by Julia Anrather 

Pre-production for Fainting Spells, a feature-length script currently in development 

The 59E59 Theater C production of full-length play Bitter Greens by Clea DeCrane, premiering December 3rd, 2018  

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